New Times Require New SOLUTIONS

Better decision-making is a fundamental competence, the key to unlocking the biggest challenges in today’s complex world.

The most effective decision-making today (and in the future) incorporates Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Machine Learning and Alternative Data.

These technologies offer new opportunities for businesses, but they need to be implemented effectively to produce excellent results.

Powering businesses as never before

Know more about 4i

4intelligence enables organizations to use leading Artificial Intelligence in their businesses’ decision-making, improving performance and offering fulfillment in the results.

Our company provides an intuitive A.I. platform that streamlines the construction of predictive models for deeply accurate decision-making.

4i's platform is the answer to businesses’ critical questions regarding sales forecast, investment returns, demand estimation, pricing, and geographic optimization in operations.

4intelligence is suitable for companies in abundant sectors, including consumer and retail goods, financial institutions, civil construction, capital goods, agribusiness, mineral and metal commodities, among others.

Prizes & Awards

Since 2016, 4intelligence has won over 120 awards and prizes. They assure the quality and transformation in technology that 4intelligence has brought to the market since the beginning of its journey.

We already won a Forecast Accuracy Award, an international award that honors accurate forecasts. We have also been recognized by several Brazilian awards, always standing out in the market for the accuracy of our platform predictions and estimations.

All of these milestones demonstrate our quality and ability to maximize and power companies results.

Decode AI to power the
world of business

Why hire 4i?


It's faster

Our solutions are the fastest ones in the market, providing you with a complete predictive model running quickly;


It's better

4i’s platform provides your company with better results. Using automatic estimation will increase your accuracy.


It's very cost-effective

Great cost-benefit implementation, without the need to structure large internal areas of data science and engineering;


It's flexible and scalable

The flexible and scalable platform can solve multiple business intelligence problems.

Learn more about our products: they were designed to lead your company to a higher level of management and results


FaaS 4i

Scalable solution for building the most accurate predictive models with the best cost-benefit available on the market. Whether for self-service use or an end-to-end operation, our solution drastically reduces the time and effort required to put models into production, keeping your intelligence team focused on what matters: better decisions.


GeoCast Trade Marketing

Optimizes the field team's schedule and itinerary according to each establishment's sales projection.


Demand Estimation

Generates projections about future sales for weeks, months or years ahead, outlining the best strategies and maximizing the performance of the results.

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